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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kayu cendana / sandalwood



Sandalwood is the name of a class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum. The woods are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods they retain their fragrance for decades. As well as using the harvested and cut wood, essential oils are also extracted from the woods for use. Both the wood and the oil produce a distinctive fragrance that has been highly valued for centuries. Consequently, the slow-growing trees have been overharvested in many areas.


In sufi tradition sandalwood paste is applied on the sufi’s grave by the disciples as a mark of devotion. It is practiced particularly among the Indian subcontinent sufi disciples. In some places sandalwood power is burnt in Dargah for fragrance. In some parts of India during the Milad un Nabi in the early 19th century, the residents applied sandalwood paste on the decorated Buraq and the symbols of footprints of the Prophet Mohammed. In some places of India during the epidemic it was common among the South Indian devotees of Abdul-Qadir Gilani (also known as pir anay pir) to prepare his imprint of a hand with sandalwood paste and parade along the bylines, which they believed would cause the epidemic to vanish and the sick to be healed. Among the Tamil culture irrespective of religious identity, sandal wood paste and powder is applied on the graves of Sufi’s as a mark of devotion and respect.[5]

 Kayu cendana hitam  / black sandalwood yg ada dalam simpanan saya berat dalam 4 ke 5 kg 

Berminat sila menghubungi Hj Isa 0127986909 atau whatsapp beliau

Purple Sandalwood / kayu cendana purple yg ada dalam simpanan saya berminat sila hubungi Hj Isa 0127986909 atau whatsapp beliau

Purple Sandalwood / kayu cendana purple berat 6 kg untuk dijual for sale 0127986909

Red Sandalwood / Kayu cendana merahj yg ada dalam simpanan ex stock dalam 5 ke 6 kg sila hubungi Hj Isa 0127986909 atau whatsapp sekiranya berminat

Kayu cendana yg mempunyai bau yg sungguh harum dan menenangkan jiwa apa lagi sekiranya dibakar.

To anyone who is interested in the red sandalwood, black or purple can contact me at phone Haji Isa hp +60127986909 or WhatsApp.




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  2. boleh saya dapatkan benih pokok cendana...

  3. asalam'kum..saya ada kayu cendana lebih kurang 3kg ..jenis hitam dan amat harum..kalu tuan berminat boleh cal sy 0148656518 (julius)..tpi saya di Sabah.

  4. Assamualaikum saya ada KaYu cendana lebih kurang 70kg berminat sila wasap di no. 0138607688

  5. asslamamualaikum saya ade kayu cendana 100 merah 100 kg,pokok sarsi teras bau yg sgt wangi dan banyak khasiat utk di jual sila email saya

  6. Saya memiliki kayu cendana seberat 60kg utk dijual....wassap 01155845587

  7. Ade pihak mengatakanbhargavteras cendana hitam sekitar rm10 sekilo...
    Batak ahh... Baik buat unggun api je